Maternal Care Program

Maternal Care Program

Chinjung Mom’s postpartum care staff in the United States is composed of Koreans with a lot of experience and good character who have passed background checks, completed vaccinations, passed psychological and aptitude tests by clinical psychologists, permanent residents and citizens residing in the United States. Those who passed the evaluation and selection through strict procedures.

Education is an educational program jointly developed by the Gangnam Yonsei Child and Adolescent Counseling Center and the Chinjung Mom Child Development Institute, postpartum care professional training programs at educational institutions designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea, postpartum care culture in Korea, and American postpartum care experienced for 13 years. We work together with professional education programs that combine theory and practice with cultural convergence.
Chinjung Mom, an American postpartum care professional who loves her baby very much, cares for her mother dearly, and does her best with love, honesty, responsibility, sincerity, and love, conducts a maternity care program as a postpartum care specialist during the postpartum care period.

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Maternal meal
  • Prepare meals with a nutritious diet to help with postpartum care.
  • Considering the sufficient nutrition required for the postpartum recovery period, we prepare meals with the desired diet after consulting with the mother.
Maternal massage
  • Massage promotes blood circulation and eliminates swelling to help postpartum recovery and body shape management after childbirth.
  • Prevent breast soreness with breast massage.
  • The breastfeeding support program helps with breastfeeding.
  • Postpartum gymnastics promotes recovery to the original state by contracting the muscles that have been stretched from pregnancy to delivery.
Housekeeping service
  • With simple tidying up, you can tidy up your baby’s room and kitchen.
  • Laundry for mothers and newborns is washed according to the fabric, and daily laundry is done in a washing machine. Separate baby clothes and wash them separately.
Services for families
  • We ask for your full cooperation as the mother helper has to focus on caring for the mother and newborn baby.
    The basic family consists of mother, child and father.
  • In the case of commuting, the manager prepares dinner for the father before work.
    For occupancy types, breakfast is also prepared.
  • Additional fees apply for additional family members other than the mother and father.
Commuting type postpartum care schedule

The daily schedule listed below is the postpartum care routine for commuting to and from work.

  • The resident-type daily schedule is based on the commuting schedule, and a program that takes care of the child at night is added.
  • In the case of moving in, you can rest enough for your aunt to take care of your baby even at night after consulting with your mother.
  • The daily schedule listed below is a commuting schedule from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • The contents of the daily schedule are basic and are flexible after consultation with the mother to the extent that there is no obstacle to caring for the mother and newborn baby.
Hour Services Newborn/ Common
Morning Prepare a nutritious, balanced breakfast for postpartum care Washing hands, observing breastfeeding and diapers during the night
Morning Cleaning the kitchen and washing the breakfast dishes Cleaning and disinfecting milk bottles/pumps, feeding formula
Morning Supports correct breastfeeding position. express assist Play music
Morning Maternal sitz bath service, observation of breastfeeding and Oroyang Observing the condition of the breast (observing the mammary glands)
Morning Breast massage, abdominal massage (abdominal obesity prevention and oro discharge), breast massage Washing dishes and tidying up
Morning Maternity foot bath service, postpartum gymnastics Observation of neonatal urine volume
Afternoon Lunch preparation, lunch and surrounding tidy up Observation of lactation
Afternoon 1 hour break after lunch Steaming and simple massage depending on the condition of the breast
Afternoon Yellow clay compress (stimulates blood circulation by part) Areola massage to facilitate breastfeeding expression from time to time (feeding assistance)
Afternoon Newborn bath (2-3 times a week) Cleaning and disinfecting milk bottles
Afternoon Newborn Laundry and Organizing
Afternoon Tidying up the toilet
Afternoon Dinner and meal prep
Residential postpartum care schedule
Commuting daily schedule + Additional baby care program from 12AM to morning if desired after consulting with the mother

In the case of the occupancy type, please check the guidelines for parental mothers for break times.

Things Helpers Don't Do
  • Postpartum caregivers are primarily responsible for caring for mothers and newborns.
  • We do not do anything that is not directly related to postpartum care, such as cleaning verandas, window frames, household chores, cupboards, cabinets, curtains, blankets, carpets, tied laundry, making kimchi, and setting up tables for visiting guests.
  • A postpartum care manager is a person who acts as a helper for the stability and body recovery of mother and baby.
    The postpartum manager is not a professional medical person, so you do not have to request medical services.
  • Mothers, please actively cooperate so that the postpartum care staff can efficiently focus on the postpartum care of the mother and the care of the newborn baby.

Reservation and mother helper process

If you provide your e-mail address after phone consultation, we will send you basic information for reservation, deposit information, and contract.
When basic information, deposit, and contract arrive, we will send you a confirmation email along with a receipt.
We will match you with your aunt 15-20 days before the due date. (Example: If you give birth quickly due to a change in the date of birth, please contact the company and we will adjust the schedule right away so that you can receive postpartum care services for your mother upon discharge from the hospital.)
When my aunt is matched, I prepare for childbirth with my aunt.
When you go to the hospital for childbirth, please contact your aunt or company. After giving birth, when the date and time of discharge are set, my aunt is waiting for me at home.
In the case of out-of-state mothers buy plane tickets after giving birth.

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Chinjung Mom of the United States is a dispatch service throughout the United States, and presents a special impression to mothers with babies with the heart and hands of Chinjung Mom.