Newborn Baby Care Program

Newborn Baby Care Program

For the newborn care program, more than 100 experts with master’s and doctoral degrees or higher in infant development with clinical experience from Gangnam Yonsei Child Development Institute and Chinjung Mom Baby Development Institute joined together.

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Newborn baby massage

* By massaging the newborn’s feet after bathing, it promotes balanced development, emotional stability, increased immunity, and brain development.

Massage effect

Relieves tension and promotes muscle development
Digestive and intestinal function enhancement
Strengthen immunity and flexibility
Promote blood circulation, maintain healthy skin
Stimulate brain activity to improve IQ and emotional quotient (EQ)
Newborn health care

Check and manage the newborn’s body temperature.
Thorough management to prevent infection of newborns.
Newborn hygiene management such as breastfeeding and sterilization of milk bottles is provided.
Bath management for newborns is safe and hygienic.
It can be washed before feeding in the morning or before going to bed in the evening to ensure a comfortable sleep for your baby.
Do not bathe the baby immediately after feeding as there is a risk of vomiting.
Before bathing or undressing the baby, check the room temperature and outside wind.
Pack your tools in advance so you don’t leave your seat in the middle.

Newborn clothing care

Wash your baby’s clothes separately from your family’s clothes.

Big child care

Mother, baby, and father are the basic family, and services for older children are provided flexibly after consultation with the mother. (applies only when there is an additional charge)

Reservation and mother helper process

If you provide your e-mail address after phone consultation, we will send you basic information for reservation, deposit information, and contract.
When basic information, deposit, and contract arrive, we will send you a confirmation email along with a receipt.
We will match you with your aunt 15-20 days before the due date. (Example: If you give birth quickly due to a change in the date of birth, please contact the company and we will adjust the schedule right away so that you can receive postpartum care services for your mother upon discharge from the hospital.)
When my aunt is matched, I prepare for childbirth with my aunt.
When you go to the hospital for childbirth, please contact your aunt or company. After giving birth, when the date and time of discharge are set, my aunt is waiting for me at home.
In the case of out-of-state mothers buy plane tickets after giving birth.

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Chinjung Mom of the United States is a dispatch service throughout the United States, and presents a special impression to mothers with babies with the heart and hands of Chinjung Mom.