Information on postpartum care fees

Director Lee So-yeon, who developed Korea’s Chinjung Mom postpartum care program, has been running it for 13 years in Washington, USA.

1. Gangnam Yonsei Psycholinguistic Counseling Center Gangnam, which provides psychological examination and diagnosis, parent counseling, language therapy, psychotherapy, play therapy, art therapy, music therapy, cognitive therapy, learning therapy, and sociality for infants and toddlers in Korea for 25 years. , Direct operation of 8 centers including Bundang, Incheon, and Nowon

2. Established Peekaboo Babysitter Company in 2006
3. In 2009, Korea’s mother-in-law company was established.
1) Development of essential related programs (postpartum care and postpartum care staff) by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea
2) Ministry of Health and Welfare approved postpartum care worker dispatch and postpartum care worker certificate issuance agency
4. 2011 ~ Present: Operation of mothers in the United States (postpartum caregivers dispatched throughout the United States)

5. Operation of an American-style mother-in-law education program that combines the Korean Chinjung Mom program with American culture

Information on postpartum care fees
Commute type Occupancy type
Commute type Occupancy type
Service amount Deposit Service amount Deposit
1 week $1,050 $550 $1,300 $650
2 weeks $2,100 $650 $2,600 $750
3 weeks $3,150 $750 $3,900 $850
4 weeks $4,200 $850 $5,200 $950


■ The reservation fee is a separate amount from the service usage fee paid separately to the company to use the postpartum care service.

(All postpartum care companies in Korea and the US have a deposit system)
■ You can give the service usage amount directly to your aunt every week as your aunt’s salary. Your mother does not exclude a certain amount from your aunt’s salary.
■ Reservations can be made from one week to the number of weeks you want.
■ When making a reservation for 4 weeks or longer, an additional $200 per week is applied to the reservation fee for commuting and moving in (Example: Reservation fee for 6 weeks of move-in: $950 + $400 = $1350 in total)
■ A fee of $1,300 per week applies for moving out of state other than Washington.

■ In case of twins, please contact the office.

Additional service charge

Per unit/week

Division Commuter type Occupancy type
Preschoolers $150 $180
School Children (Elementary-High School) $100 $150
1 additional person outside of basic family $70 $100


■ Commuter type: 5-day work week (Monday-Friday). Office Hours: 09:00AM~ 17:00 PM
■ Residential: 5-day work week (Monday-Friday). Office Hours: Monday 09:00AM – Friday 17:00 PM

■ Please refer to the guideline for mothers-in-law regarding the postpartum care worker’s break time during working hours.

 How to use Chinjung Mom services
1. If you give us your e-mail address after the phone consultation, we will send you basic information for reservation, reservation fee information, and contract. When the basic information, contract, and deposit are confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email with a receipt.
2. The postpartum care manager is assigned 15-20 days before after the nurse Chinjung Mom checks the postpartum care worker's condition. Sometimes, depending on the birth situation of irregular mothers, it may be delayed or the already matched manager may be changed. . For 13 years, all mothers received postpartum care services for their mothers at the same time as they were discharged from the hospital after giving birth 100% safely.
3. USA Chinjung Mom is a recruiting company specializing in postpartum care and operates only with a deposit.
4. You can make a reservation for Chinjung Mom service from 1 week to as many weeks as you want.
5. If you make a reservation for a mixed type (commuting type + occupancy type), the occupancy type deposit is applied.
6. Extension may not be possible depending on the delivery schedule of the following mothers.
7. The service usage amount can be paid directly to the postpartum care manager on a weekly basis after the service is performed.
8. If you use the mother-in-law service in a state other than Washington, you must pay the round-trip transportation cost (flight).
Apply for postpartum care service

Chinjung Mom of the United States is a dispatch service throughout the United States, and presents a special impression to mothers with babies with the heart and hands of Chinjung Mom.